Well, I got a surprise yesterday. I went to sit on a bench next to a store yesterday and look what came out from under it!

He was pretty big but still a baby. He ran up underneath a car and I wouldn’t let the guy leave until I could get him out. Someone watching ran to the pet store next door and they ran over to capture it.

Yep a very interesting day it was. I wouldn’t mind an iguana, but I want a baby. That will give me time to get used to it. They are vegetarians and eat fruits and vegies and are supposed to be extremely easy to care for.

In other news, there still is no ground beef on the shelf, nor kielbasa. There is, however lots of pork! I have a really good recipe for pork loin, but I can’t remember what I need.

That’s all for now.

Today’s tidbit: Don’t mess with people’s fears. Fake sneezing, and joking about the virus is not funny and not nice. Try to be considerate of how other people feel. And don’t be afraid to say that to the people who do it. Many of little faith are extremely scared… This is a great time to let your faith shine so their faith can be boosted. Shine, shine, shine!

Ps… I’ll fix the featured image later, I seem to be having trouble attaching it to the post.

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