I decided to give up on the meat and just bought other things like pasta and guess what… They finally have meat!

I also made a living wreath…. I got some moss and one of those coconut fiber liners from the dollar store. And I got an Asian Jasmine vine for 2.50. That’s is a pretty good price to start with, but I split it up and got 4 plants from the one pot, so it turned out to be about .66 cents per plant.

Tomorrow I will try making the meat loaf on the stovetop. I think it will work out great…. Unless I forgot something, lol.

Oh, that’s sweet. Some gut just handed me half dozen pink roses. I let him have one of my plants in trade. I don’t really enjoy cut flowers that much because they die fairly quickly, but I do enjoy them at the same time mostly because roses are one of those thing where my thumb is mostly brown.

Oh and one more update… We have garlic! I actually put 3 cloves in the pot so we will see how they do. And I now have baby peace lilies.

That’s all for now. With everything still closed, there isn’t a lot I can do.

Today’s tidbit: speak good things into your life and good things will come. Speak bad things into your life and bad things will come. Having a positive attitude even in the worst of times can help you sail through it with a sense of peace. Let your light shine bright in the darkness to others have something to follow.

Published by Cynthia Forner

A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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