Closed, Closed, Closed..

Sounds like the title of a song doesn’t… closed, closed, closed, can’t you see it’s closed, closed closed…

I don’t think I have ever seen it like this before. I’m glad I stocked up on food. I went to the store this morning and must say, I feel for the bakery people at Publix. The aroma was awesome because they had just taken bread out of the ovens. But people were complaining because they were getting them to the shelf fast enough.

I’d think they would be thankful the store was still open, but I guess self satisfaction takes precedence over compassion in some people.

I myself am ready to cook. I just need to pick up some meat, potatoes, milk and eggs.

The milk and eggs are for making cornbread and muffins, the meat and potato are for meat loaf. I might wait until I get to Venice before cooking it. I haven’t decided yet.

And I realized this morning that I didn’t before. I had posted that change was coming and to look for the feast of Purim. Well Purim was just a few days ago- just before all this took place. I can’t wait to see what will be next.

I’ll let y’all know about the meatloaf. I’ve never made it on stovetop before so this will be interesting.

That’s all for now.

Today’s tidbit: Look for ways to help people through this difficult time. Doing so will put your mind on other things and give you a sense of peace. This could be a time of testing for you. Hope you pass the test with flying colors, maybe even earn some wings!

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