Spring Has Sprung!

Oh yes, this is an awesome time of year. Those who live in the frosty north can begin to thaw out, while those in the sunny south start their complaining about the heat, lol. And how do I know its spring? Babies! Babies! Everywhere…

The lady slipper orchid had a baby growing in it, so I decided to move it to its own pot and when I did, I found 2 more babies. The plantain lily has a new sprout coming out of the soil, so I will be moving it to a new pot. The chives are sprouting up out of the ground too. I look forward to having fresh cut herbs to cook with.

Every season has something special about it and spring represents birth and growth, a fresh start and seemingly dead things springing to life.

Yes, I am unusually perky this year, but I was expecting it. Today is the Feast of Purim (if you follow old testament celebrations). It is a celebration time when sorrow is turned into gladness and from mourning into holiday. In Esther 9 it says “they should make them days of feasting and rejoicing and sending portions of food to one another and gifts to the poor” It almost sounds like Christmas.

Interesting that it is also a full moon. This one is known as the worm moon because the ground begins to thaw and the earth worms come out and the robins will soon follow. Today is also the last day of the month of Adar (the twelfth month on the Jewish calendar), and what is really cool is that this Friday is also the 13th!

No, I’m not superstitious, I see the number 13 as a good thing, so Friday the 13th is a great day, not a bad one.

Sorry, I am feeling really good about things right now and I know without a doubt that this is going to be an awesome year.

Right now though, the only thing I’ve been hearing is about coronavirus. Everyone is panicking and hitting the stores like its the end of the world. Do me a favor, don’t panic. Be informed. Don’t listen to every story that hits the internet, and verify things before sharing them. Most importantly DO NOT PANIC.

That is all for now.

Today’s tidbit: Continue to be diligent and be passionate about what your doing. Keep helping those around you and never give up hope and never stop praying. (Romans 12:10-13)

Ps… See… I definitely need to get a body cam, lol

Was sitting on a curb eating lunch when one of those big iguanas came over the wall and sat there staring at me. I’d say he was only about 2 feet long. But my hands were tied up with lunch, lol. I’m hoping he will come back out of the drain pipe he ran into.

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