Victory is MINE!

oh yes, what an awesome week it has been so far.

For Nancy, this is the ever elusive iguana! When I got to the library I looked for it before I went in. And there it was, sunning itself on the wall where it snuck up on me a couple of days ago.

I took a picture from a distance, moved closer, took another, moved closer and poof… over the wall it went, lol.

And that brings me to a message, which seems to be my theme this week.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something or you might believe it. Especially if that somebody is YOU. If you think it’s possible, try it. But don’t waste your great ideas by being afraid it might not work. The only true failure is to never even try.

When I started this project, the guy at the home improvement store asked what I was looking for. I responded by  telling him I was looking for something like a nut that had 3 ends to it like a T and told him I was trying to make something that hadn’t been made before. His response… “Good Luck” and no he didn’t tell me if there was anything closely resembling what I was looking for. I walked the aisles of the store over and over. In the end, I found a better way.

I don’t think anyone thought that I could actually accomplish it. I had it all planned out and then only thing I had to do was buy the parts. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for I did a little thing called “ad lib”. Well a week and many visits later, I finally sort of finished it. I have one thing I would like to improve, but for now it works just great. I can hear your gears grinding, you’re thinking, what in the world did she make.

Well here it is…

I used my 10 dollar cordless screwdriver and drilled a hole through a steel rod. I didn’t think it would work. I thought the screwdriver wouldn’t be strong enough to drill through metal. But I did it!

Yes, I know, they make them for boat trailers, but they don’t for bicycles. Now I can unhitch the trailer without getting my fingers squished setting it on the ground and re-hitch it without having to lift it off the ground. I can also move the trailer around now without lifting it up. And it tucks up nicely underneath so its not in the way of anything. Unfortunately, I also know it needs to be improved, but it will work for now.

Yes, I’m on an ego trip at the moment. This is what happens when my creativity kicks in. I just start doing and to be honest, there is no telling what it is I might actually do.

I’m also made a planter basket with a bleeding heart as a gift for someone. The bleeding heart hasn’t sprung up yet, but its about to, maybe another week, so it just looks like a basket full full of dirt right now. But the bleeding heart is a good choice for the person its going to. It represents compassion and sacrifice. Perfect for a person who willingly helps people without ever expecting anything in return.

I also started splitting plants. I used a votive candle holder for this spider plant.

It will be moved into a hanging basket once it gets too big for the candle holder, but this will give the plant time to get good roots on it and it will give me time to find (or make) a hanging pot that I like.

Finding small pots that are inexpensive and pretty at the same time can be challenging. Oh yes, there are lots and lots of pots in this world, but when you want something INEXPENSIVE and unique you have to look outside the garden sections of stores.

Votive candle holders make really nice small size pots. I put a little moss in the bottom before I put in the dirt and plant. This way there is a place for excessive water to go.  Mugs, glasses, baskets, storage bins, pencil holders, vases and other things work nicely too. Just let your imagination run wild!

In other news, I see everything going berserk because of the corona virus. Panic is setting in and store shelves are getting empty. But my biggest concern is when I over heard someone talking about gun ammunition running out. Please keep your cool through this. We don’t need to make things worse, by losing tempers and being impatient.

That’s all for now. I am planning on heading out in a couple of days unless something comes up to keep me here.

Today’s tidbit: Creative imagination brings about great ideas, some become light bulbs, some become works of art. But with every idea always comes a slight hesitation wondering if everything will work out. Don’t let that worry stop you. Instead, let it drive you forward. Push through anything that might hold you back. True freedom comes from within and the first step is to overcome yourself, your fears, your worries, and your ears when they listen to everyone else.

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