Plans Change

I found a camping ground on the way to Jesup. I really needed to sit still for a couple of days, rearrange my trailer and reorganize everything. At the same time, I had been watching what is now Tropical Storm Nestor move toward the coast.

Being flexible with your plans helps to relieve stress when things don’t go as you plan.

When I approached the camping area, I got a bit concerned with what I might be going to. There was a closed down steel factory with lots of derelict big rig trucks all around and then I saw the raggedy old shack that was a bait shop/campground check-in. Welcome to Morgan Lake hunting and fishing.

The campground itself turned out to be about 1/2 mile down a long dirt road. I didn’t think it would be too bad…. little did I realize that it would be the noisiest place I have ever been. Trains and Helicopters during the night, followed by gravel trucks in the morning.

But I’ll admit, for the number of RV’s that were there (and there were a lot of them) it was a pretty quite camp, other than the external noise. I was the only tent out there.

In the morning I headed off to Jesup. I was hoping I had enough money for a hotel room for 2 nights. I figured one night would be ok, except that the storm would not be in this area until sometime in the middle of the day on Saturday, so if I got a room on Friday I might be stuck in the stormy weather at check out on Saturday. If I got the room for Saturday night, it might be filled up and I would still be out in the weather or there could be pretty bad weather before the eye crossed over.

Because I don’t watch the news regularly, I wasn’t sure how bad the storm actually was and couldn’t see the doppler of how wide spread it was. I was also unable to find out if hurricane shelters would be open here or not.

Decisions, decisions… I decided it was better to be safe than sorry, and got a room for 2 nights. I’ll be broke for a few days, but at least I will be safe and not worry anyone.

Coming into Jesup, passing the Altamaha river, it was pretty on one side, but the other side was overpowered by the huge plant. And when I passed that thing… GROSS! What a horrible odor in the air. I have no idea how people could live having to smell that horrible odor every day. And look what I found! An old fashioned newer drive-in theatre.

Now, sitting in the hotel room, it becomes a waiting game. I just watched the weather report and the storm still appears to still be off the coast. The weather forecasters keep insisting it will be at the northern end of South Carolina by tomorrow morning, but I’ll feel better when I see it move.

The funny thing about it is that when I was in Register and they were saying how bad the drought was and they were hoping for rain… I can only say that they have been getting what they have asked for. First it was one short shower for a few hours, then a steady rain for about 1 1/2 days and now an even heavier rain is headed their direction.

Well, that’s all for now.

Todays tidbit: Ask anything of God and believe you will receive and it will be given to you (Matthew 21:22; Mark 11:24, and others)

Todays tidbit 2: Impatience causes inflexibility, which creates stress. It becomes a battle of your will vs. God’s will. Learning to trust God will help you to have patience and flexibility. Stress will melt away and you will be filled with the peace that follows.

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