I made it to Jesup on Friday ahead of Tropical Storm Nestor. The forecast tracks were still taking it over the area so I spent what money I had on a hotel room and waited. I was actually impressed with the room that I got. It definitely exceeded my expectations for sure. If you need a room while in that area, I would highly recommend the Western Motel.

When the storm had passed I left the motel and decided to wander around town since it was still very overcast and threatening rain.

I may not have had any money, but I did have a Dunkin Donuts gift card, so I decided to head there to get something to eat. What a crappy decision that was.

While I was having breakfast the cashier from Jersey Mikes, came in and told me I was not allowed to park my bike in front of the store and I had to move. (there were 3 stores crammed into one little place)

Now, I do my best not to get in anybody’s way and I try hard not to upset people. I parked the only place I could find and put my bike against one of the signs in the front. I made sure I wasn’t blocking anyone’s way, if someone had parked there, I made sure I wasn’t blocking any doors or walkways, but yet I still manage to get fussed at…. Oh well, life goes on..

I sent a quick note to the corporate office about the event then brushed my feet on the ground (several times) and left the crappy feeling there. Its based on this scripture: And as for those who do not receive you, as you go out from that city, shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them. Luke 9:5 But is more like my way of leaving my bad feelings behind.

I had planned on staying in Jesup for another day, because the place was all decked out for Halloween. It appeared to be a competition on who could make the best decoration and I wanted to get some more pictures because some of them were pretty cute.

But after that happened, I decided it would be best if I went ahead and left. If the spirit of that city is like that, I wanted no part of it.

I wasn’t sure where I was heading because I hadn’t had a chance to look at a map to find camping areas. I just figured when I get to the next city, I’ll decide where I would be heading and what roads I’ll be taking. Until then, I’ll just keep going the way I was.

The good news was that the little bumps in the road were no longer there! It took me just over a day to get to a little town called Nahunta. Its a fairly small community with just over 1,000 people. I walked most of the way there this morning, while looking at the stars and watched a beautiful sunrise as the fog floated into the sky and eventually disappeared.

I’ll try to get a few pictures later as I wander around town. I haven’t decided if I will stay one more day here, or continue on the road tomorrow, but I’m thinking one more day won’t hurt. There is a state park some place around here and a large river also.

That’s all for now.

Today’s tidbit: One small stone thrown into a pond makes many far reaching ripples in the water. But you can not make ripples in the water while holding that stone in your hand.

Published by Cynthia Forner

A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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