Oh Boy… what a week!

I couldn’t afford to pay the bike shop to fix my spokes, and they didn’t offer, so I decided to just find the tool and would fix it myself. I figured that when I got to the campground, I could work on it.

Well it was a good thought anyway. The ride was different than what I’ve been seeing. These fields were a different kind of crop.

Container after container – it seemed like a gazillion of them were here. It is actually a Walmart distribution center. It was hard to believe how many containers were sitting there.

It was kind of nice going the smaller roads to get there because there was a lot less traffic. But unfortunately, I could not make it down the road the campground was on. The dirt was too soft. So soft, I almost got stuck!

So plan B, keep moving forward until I can find a place to sit down and decide where to go next.

I made it to a little town called Register. While I was trying to decide if I should stay there or if I should keep going down the road someone walked up to me and offered to let me set up my tent in their yard. I think I met half the town in the next 5 minutes, lol.

The pony turned out to be on a long tether, not roaming free like it appears. Some guy actually tried to put a saddle on it a few minutes after I took the picture. The pony did not like it at all. It may sound mean to say, but I was actually pretty amused as I watched him trying to put the saddle on and the pony bucking and kicking to toss it back off. He did finally get the saddle on and was able to walk the pony around, but when his daughter showed up, she walked away disappointed when it appeared dad say no riding today.

The people here were really nice and were telling me about how dry it was. As a thank you I told her I would ask God to send some rain. Not enough to flood, but a steady rain to saturate the ground. She said anytime I pass through, I was welcome there. Then I headed down the road.

As I was leaving I had hoped to make friends with a little kitten that was begging me for food.

But he liked it too much where he was, so I headed down the road without him. As I was leaving my bicycle decided it just did not want to work. I couldn’t peddle; every time I tried the wheel wobbled so much it rubbed against the frame. I ended up walking most of the way to Glennville which was 30 miles.

I will be honest and say the walk was definitely not an easy one. Those little ridges I don’t like so much were a lot wider on this part of the road. I couldn’t even fit the bike between the ridges and the grass.

I was able to glide down hills, but straight flat land and any uphill climb, I could not do because of the peddles making the tire rub against the frame. But I was able to make it through Claxton and down to Glennville. As I was walking down the street looking around I heard someone calling my name.

It turned out to be someone I had met back when I was in Claxton. She said she was worried about me going down the one highway to get to Hinesville, saying it was very dangerous and wanted to offer me a ride. Her name is Sherry and she is on fire for God.

I’m glad I met her because she is full of energy.

In the morning as I was heading off to get coffee, I ran into another challenge. As I was coming up to a stop at an intersection, I heard a snap and had no front brake. I wasn’t too worried as I know how to change brake cables now and I figured if Dick’s didn’t have cables, I could get them from Walmart.

Sherry gave me a ride to the Dick’s sporting in Hinesville later that day. We talked for a bit and then she prayed over me. She also put some salve on my hand saying it would clear it up. She was definitely a blessing that day because without that ride, the thought of possibly going down hills with no brake just did not sit well with me.

Dick’s said it would be a few days before one of their techs could look at the bike and the girl behind the counter asked if I wanted her to look at it. Honestly, I really only wanted to borrow the tool that would get the gear thing off so I could change the spokes, but I accepted her offer. She actually called her husband to come in and help out. And that is when they discovered that the spokes that were sold to me were too skinny to fit on the wheel.

They said there was a bike shop in Richmond Hill, but I wasn’t planning on going North and I didn’t know of any other shops in the area. As I was trying to think of what to do, the lady from Dick’s offered the solution of taking a wheel from a defective bike that had been returned and was sitting in storage for a while. It fit on the bike pretty well and when they saw the brake cable broken, also offered to fix it. A big thank you to them for all their help. My bike is starting to look like a mutant, lol. The front wheel is the one from the bike shop in Mt. Pleasant and the back one is from Dicks.

And it started raining this morning so I wasn’t going to be going far. I found the library and that is where I am now. There is a camp ground about 3 miles to the south and I would probably go check that place out except that it is raining pretty good.

I think the rain as stopped for a few minutes. I should head off while I can. I plan on going south tomorrow, its just a question of how far to go and which road to take.

That’s all for now.

Today’s tidbit: And the LORD will continually guide you, And satisfy your desire in scorched places, And give strength to your bones; And you will be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail. Isaiah 58:11

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