Oh goodness, there were more hills to go up and down. And these hills, though fewer, they were higher. At one point a sheriff stopped to talk to me. Not that I was doing anything wrong, but a passerby was concerned about my struggling to get up the hill. I told her I was fine and took breaks as much as I could. That particular hill was + 348ft. I am definitely looking forward to FLAT land!

On the upside, going down those hills allowed me to coast for a very long distance. The weather was warm and in the morning it was cloudy, but by afternoon it was sunny.

As I was passing over the bridge, the “swamp” area was bone dry and the plants below looked like they were starved for water. I don’t how long the drought here has been going on but even the river looked pretty low.

About 10-12 miles down the road, I came to this really small community called Cooperville and had lunch at the gas station/restaurant. It was pretty good food, for a pretty low price. But this was one of those dinky little places with a Dollar store, the gas station and a post office.

I scared lots of deer away from the roadside before I could grab my phone to get photos, but I did get a chance to get a picture of this redheaded woodpecker.

The rest of the trip was pleasant, mostly flat roads and lots of countryside

When I started finding peanuts on the side of the road, I got curious. I had never had unboiled, unbaked, or unsalted peanuts before. Fresh picked peanuts that had fallen off the trucks. There were more and more of them as I went down the road. I didn’t pick anymore up, but just laughed to myself because it reminded me of the Dupois Campground down in Florida when the corn trucks went by and ears fell off the trucks. It was the best corn I had ever had.

I bet if I had picked up all the peanuts I was finding I probably would have collected a whole pound.

There is a campground about 7-9 miles from here I am considering going to. Its $10 night and you can rent a kayak for a few hours or a whole day. It might be pretty fun to do that.

Today’s tidbit: Life can change in an instant due to job loss, weather disaster, illness, death, or even war. Do not judge those who are fighting to survive what life has dealt to them. More importantly do not condemn those who have lost hope or given up for they are the ones who need you the most.

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A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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