Hemingway, 4 miles south of Johnsonville, was a fairly small town, but they had a few stores and restaurants. I only stayed long enough to get breakfast then headed off.

I went through a lot of little towns down this road (hwy 261) The next little town was Stuckey.

Stuckey was definitely not what I would call a town. There was the tractor dealer and a furniture store here, but nothing else. I was hoping that Indiantown would at least have a gas station, but it only had two closed schools and a church.

I sat on a shady step in back of the church so I could have lunch and rest for a minute. I met Hazel here. We talked for a bit and I honestly wish I had more time to talk with her, but I wasn’t sure when I would be finding someplace to sleep.

She was a sweetheart and she was concerned for the area, asking me to pray for the Community leaders to gain some common sense and that God breath new life into the area. I told her I would pass the request on, but I was concerned it might be too little, too late.

I kept on down the road … cotton field after cotton field. Its amazing that some how someone had the idea to turn this little cotton boll into clothes to wear.

For anyone interested, squatting is still legal in South Carolina. These houses are standing empty. A little bit of fix me up work and they would probably make a great place to live.

An interesting sign that I didn’t know what was for until I got close up to it.

Yes, they actually tell you that there are little groves on the side of the road. The road also had a large enough shoulder that I could ride in between the grooves and the grass. Still a very pretty ride.

Along the way I found these fruits hanging in the trees all over place. I picked on and will look it up to see what it is. I think maybe I should cut it open to see what it looks like inside. It could just be a seed pod. When I flicked it with my finger it almost sounded hollow.

I stayed the night in Kingstree and headed off early in the morning. My plan was to stop in St Stephen for the night and check on camping areas the next day. There are about 6 campgrounds in this area and I hadn’t chosen one yet.

Unfortunately while I was looking for a restroom a police officer approached me and asked what I was doing. Apparently someone had called thinking I was breaking into the place. Time for me to leave, I am not going to spend my night looking over my shoulder in a town that doesn’t like strangers.

I headed off down the road knowing it was about 15 miles to the next town and it was already getting dark. about 6 miles down the road, I came into a dinky little place called Bonneau. I stayed there for the rest of the night and headed out early the next morning.

And I made it to Moncks Corner. Or so I thought. It wasn’t until I went over the bridge and realized I had come out of the twilight zone back into civilization.

There are stores here! There are fast food restaurants, pancakes houses and all kinds of stuff. Wow, what a difference from the fields on the other side of the bridge.

It took me most of the day to upload the photos so I went to a park and decided to finish posting today. And guess what happened when I was at the park.

Yep, a cop approached me and asked me for my ID. I immediately went on the defensive and asked if there was a problem. No I wasn’t being very nice about it either and when she asked how long I planned on staying, I said, I guess I’ll be leaving if your here to run me off.

She said she just wanted to be sure I was ok and see if I needed anything. I apologized and told her what had happened to me in St. Stephen. She said no one would bother me while I was here.

And then I got covered in love bugs. There were all over everything and were getting in my shirt! I am so glad those critters don’t bite. But they helped lighten my mood and get my mind on other things.

And that is where I am now- Moncks Corner, SC. I will plan the next leg of my journey today and head out probably tomorrow unless something comes up to change my plans.

I hope this posts ok. I’ve had to retype it a couple of times because the internet here comes and goes and I loose stuff.

That’s all for now.

Today’s Tidbit: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain” – Henry Ford

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A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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