Rest is a Great Thing!

What a grueling couple of days it has been, but I can honestly say that yesterday was awesome. On the road with no stress, no worries, no troubles (except for the hills, lol) and trucks and cars passing by with no horns blaring. Just taking my time, enjoying the nature around.

After I posted my last post I was asked about when I was going to leave. Everyone kept wanting me to stay another week. I had not been told that I was supposed to only stay a couple of days. I took it as a hint that it was time to move on and hit the road the next morning.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to really plan out my route, but only had a general idea of where I was going. I decided not to head back to North Myrtle Beach and took a completely different route instead. The first part was hard, like being on Hwy 17, the road had no shoulder, with the little ridges along the white line, and a cracked and caving roadway. I didn’t make it very far, only about 8 miles.

If I had kept on that route the next day I would have had about 20 miles to get to Conway, SC. But I honestly didn’t feel like dealing with those conditions, so I decided to take a different route. A few swampy areas, but mostly just miles and miles of farmland.

Cotton fields for the most part and some look like they are ready to harvest. Though the road had no shoulder, it also had pretty much no traffic! Unfortunately, it also had no towns, no place I could set up a tent for the night, no place to stop and rest, just miles and miles of farmland.

I finally ran across a church in the middle of the farmland and it looked like they were getting ready to have a service. I decided maybe it would be good for me to ask if I could borrow their doorstep for the night. What came next was a complete surprise.

One of the women said the pastor wasn’t there, but one of the deacons might be able to help. Then some guy came up and ran me off saying I wasn’t welcome there and they don’t help people like me.

When the heads away, the body goes astray… I will be sending the pastor a letter about the incident. My concern now was to find someplace to sleep before it got dark…. okay maybe before it got light again, lol. I lit up my bike as best as I could when the sun disappeared. I walked rather than rode. I’m glad there wasn’t much traffic. I must have walked about 10 miles. The roadway changed and guess what! This one had a wide shoulder on one side! I finally found a bench to sit on about 11:30 and fell asleep.

I woke up about 3am and decided to go ahead and get on the road. The wide shoulder would allow me to travel safely in the dark so I wasn’t too concerned. For whatever reason the shoulder switched sides every couple of miles and then stopped and I was back walking on the road again. At that time of morning it wasn’t a big deal. Most sane people are still sleeping or just starting to wake up to head off to work.

I found a small breakfast cafe to stop at until daylight. They had some pretty good food too. The name of the place was odd “Park & Blow Handi Mart”. I wasn’t going to ask how they came up with that. I was happy to sit until the sun came up.

What a beautiful ride it turned out to be. Just taking my time, enjoying nature as I rode along. The cars and trucks were steady, but they didn’t seem to mind going around me.

I found a boat ramp that wasn’t on Google maps.

I asked a guy that was putting his boat out and he said its only been there for about a year. I rested here then decided to make my way into town. I will be here for today and will decide in the morning if I will stay one more day or head out. It has been in the 50’s the last two nights, so I am thinking about heading south.

Oops, I haven’t told you where I am yet. Well, I am in a place called Johnsonville, SC. There isn’t much here, but they do have a McDonalds. It’s not quite big enough yet for Walmart to move in and the Fred’s store is closing up.

Now, I am off to write a letter to a pastor of a very nasty church…. well at least one person there is nasty, but those first impressions can leave a bad taste in your mouth…. and since I didn’t have the opportunity to meet anyone else… I’ll post the letter once its finished.

Which brings me to todays tidbit:

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2

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A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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