This is just an update so you know I’m alive and well. I had planned on staying in this area for at least another week, but trouble is brewing, so I’m moving on.

I was told that I can camp in the state forest. It supposedly follows the same rules as the National Forest.

All the plants are doing well, I’ll post pictures when I’m close enough to the next library.

The garlic is skyrocketing and the spring onions just broke ground. (I lost the pot somewhere and had to replant) It’s 16 miles til I get to Venice. I’m probably going to be slower than normal, it is extremely hot right now. So I figure 2 days.

I’m not really wanting to go, but without a safe place to stay, it’s best I move on. Florida is slowing down traffic in and out of the state, so I’m not going to go far.

I have a feeling the effects of this virus are going to be far reaching and long lasting. But it’s not the virus I worry about so much as the lesson in preparedness that should have been learned.

That’s all for now.

Today’s tidbit: if this is a lesson to prepare for harder times, I hope you learned to be prepared for what is to come.

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