(Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na) Batmaaaaaan!

I had taken this photo in Sebastian, the land of the never ending beautiful sunrises. When I went back to look at the photo I almost deleted it, but then it looked like an outline of something. Yep… there it is, it looks like the bat symbol.

Ok, that was my excitement for the day, but the sunrise was absolutely beautiful – even with stormy clouds on the horizon.

I had hoped to stay in Sebastian for another day because I needed to dry out. I really really don’t like wet socks in wet shoes, it makes your feet all wrinkly. I actually ended up getting blisters on my feet from walking in all that rain.

When they said that I wasn’t able to use the Wifi at the library because my card had expired and I had no solution, I decided to go ahead and head south. The interesting thing is that I made it to the library in Vero Beach (same library system) and the Wifi connection was fine. Go figure….

On my way south in Wabasso, I apparently just missed a S.W.A.T. bust. They were all standing around with a girl and a guy sitting on the back of the vehicle.

That’s about all the exciting things because its been mostly rain, rain and more rain. I’m only about 15 miles from Ft. Pierce, but its been looking like its going to rain again and I honestly don’t feel like getting wet again.

So I’ve decided to spend the morning in the Vero Beach library and if the skies clear enough, I’ll go ahead and head south.

Its supposed to get pretty chilly tonight (a low of 54-55). Being from South Florida, its freezing! Anything below 73 is freezing.

That’s all for now. I know its not much, but I can’t do or see much if its raining.

Todays Tidbit: There are days when it is hard to see things like Forrest Gump, life being like a box of chocolates. Days when it seems life if more like a pile of poop… some piles being bigger than others. Days when you need the right size shovel to clear your path to that box of chocolates!

oh goodness, I almost forgot!

Tidbit 2: Sometimes you don’t see the surprises unless you look up!

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