Ormond Beach, FL

It’s been a few day, but I’ll try to catch up on the journey. I am currently in Ormond Beach, FL. When I was in Green Cove Springs I stayed at Camp Chowenwaw. Its used a lot for the girl scouts and I’ve been told the boy scouts also use it.

I’ll admit, this place would be awesome for groups. It includes cabins and check it out… tree houses! They have areas for tents also. For the price you get a lot. The tent area had a large building that included a refrigerator and stove. There was a separate building used for showers and bathrooms. Now I will admit I was extremely uncomfortable with men and women using the same bathroom, but I think everyone felt the same way and if a woman walked in, the guy stayed outside. The only time that was different was with husband and wife… it was still kind of weird.

There is also a very large lodge for group parties, meetings and weddings. One more benefit was the swimming pool. The only downside to the camp was the encroaching building of houses, but they are along the street and not visible to the camping area. You can only hear the hammering when they are working.

Another nice area of Green Cove Springs was their “main” park. It included a boat ramp, a walkway that ran along the river, and a water play area. Oh yes, I forgot.. the squirrels; begging for food. The kitty cat is the library mascot that actually lives across the street. He too begs for food and loves attention.

The last group of photos are just miscellaneous things I took pictures of. Crop fields being prepared, different waterways and I don’t know what those long missile like things in the field are, but as I was heading south, there was one on a truck heading north.

I stayed the day in Ormond Beach today. Its been raining off and on all day. I will be heading to Ft. Pierce for a short time.

That’s all for now.

Today’s Tidbit: If you need to make others appear lower or bad in order for you to appear good, then your missing the target.

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