If you know anything about the Jewish religion you will know that the Jewish new year has just passed. Lots of interesting things start happening this time of year and it can be awesome.

I was able to go to the play “The Diary of Ann Frank”. It has such a sad ending. But I thought the cast did a pretty good job of telling the story.

I stayed at the librarians house for the night and she invited me to the play. She was playing the role of Edith Frank. It was definitely something different to do and I enjoyed it.

The staff at the very small library were very nice people. It as only been there for just over a year, so they are still building it up.

I’m not sure why my photos of it didn’t upload, I’ll try again later. The internet speed where I am at the moment is not the best.

I left Cottageville the next day and only went as far as Walterboro because something was not right with my bike. As I was coming into Walterboro, I heard a screech behind me and quickly pulled off the road.

Little did I realize that the screeching car decided to pass on the right hand side of the person behind me, so I was actually faced with two cars behind me. I will admit, I thought for sure I was about to get hit, but he stopped just before that. I sure hoped that not everyone here drove like that.

In the morning I headed off to get my coffee and was trying to decide how far to go when the bolt broke on the trailer and I took another tumble into the roadway. I am very grateful that no cars were on the road at that time because it could have been a lot worse.

That also made my decision to stay another day because I needed to make sure I had extra bolts just in case something like that happened again. Two accidents within a week is not a good thing. Once I fixed the trailer and had extra bolts I headed out again.

No too far outside the city I met someone who said if I make it to where he lived that I was welcome to stay at his place. He was in the process of foreclosure and was leaving to go to Charleston on Thursday. I told him I wouldn’t put a picture of him online unless I had his permission. He hasn’t said whether its okay or not yet.

On the way there the horses were prancing in the field again, and ran up to the fence to greet me. I don’t know why they do that, but I get the biggest kick out of the bucking, kicking the hooves in the air and prancing around, showing off.

My bicycle still wasn’t feeling right and something was rubbing and making it difficult to peddle, but I made it to the next little town. Welcome to Lodge, SC.

With a population of about 114 people it is a dinky little place. There is a closed down auction house, a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch, two churches and a few houses, but that is about all there is. My new friend said the town has been dying. Seems to be a trend here in South Carolina, the small towns getting eaten up by the larger ones.

I will be here until tomorrow and then head off again. Not much else is going on.

Today’s tidbit: Variety is the spice of life. Enjoy the diversity of the environment around you and allow it to help you overcome partiality.

Published by Cynthia Forner

A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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