Woo Hoo – North Carolina!

You don’t see many swing bridges anymore. They don’t lift up like regular draw bridges, they swing to the side to allow boats to go through. It would have been cool if a boat had been going through.

The road heading north was pretty. it was strewn with wild flowers and it weaved alongside the inter-coastal waterway.

I was overjoyed to see the NC state line sign! I made it! Part of me is glad I took the bicycle route because it was so pretty, but the other part wishes I had stayed on 17 because it would have been shorter.

The road twisted through the farm lands and look.. and airport on the side of the road. Population of only 616 in 2017, but they have an airport!

This morning I headed over to catch the ferry. I thought the ferry didn’t run on weekends for some reason, but it does. It was a whole lot easier to get on this ferry than it was the one out of Savannah! And it was a beautiful boat ride going across. I thought if I could get to a couple of the islands that it would be a great place to camp. There is a campground just south of where the ferry docks, but you do need a boat to get to it.

Kure Beach is a small little town with house after house after house. I had breakfast at a small diner at the pier and it looked like a storm was heading towards me, but it went out to sea instead.

Published by Cynthia Forner

A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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