(Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na) Batmaaaaaan!

I had taken this photo in Sebastian, the land of the never ending beautiful sunrises. When I went back to look at the photo I almost deleted it, but then it looked like an outline of something. Yep… there it is, it looks like the bat symbol. Ok, that was my excitement for the day, […]

Plans Change

I found a camping ground on the way to Jesup. I really needed to sit still for a couple of days, rearrange my trailer and reorganize everything. At the same time, I had been watching what is now Tropical Storm Nestor move toward the coast. Being flexible with your plans helps to relieve stress when […]

Oh Boy… what a week!

I couldn’t afford to pay the bike shop to fix my spokes, and they didn’t offer, so I decided to just find the tool and would fix it myself. I figured that when I got to the campground, I could work on it. Well it was a good thought anyway. The ride was different than […]

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