It’s Beginning to Look a lot like….

Christmas! I love this time of year! Being on a tight budget can put you in a bind on what to give people you care about. You want something special, but don’t want to break your bank. So I enjoy making things and try to get the most I can out of a dollar. I […]

(Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na) Batmaaaaaan!

I had taken this photo in Sebastian, the land of the never ending beautiful sunrises. When I went back to look at the photo I almost deleted it, but then it looked like an outline of something. Yep… there it is, it looks like the bat symbol. Ok, that was my excitement for the day, […]

Familiar Turf

I had forgotten what Florida humidity was like in the short time I was away. It was a pleasant ride with funny little things popping up all over. It started with the no swimming, beware alligator sign. I stopped and looked around and was curious what it was people would be swimming in, there was […]

Jesup, GA

I made it to Jesup on Friday ahead of Tropical Storm Nestor. The forecast tracks were still taking it over the area so I spent what money I had on a hotel room and waited. I was actually impressed with the room that I got. It definitely exceeded my expectations for sure. If you need […]

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