From Wilmington to Tabor City

East Columbus High School, where I took shelter from Hurricane Dorian.

Lake Waccamaw the day after the storm

A baby turtle I took across the road to the lake

Small town living at the lake.

Breakfast at the Econolodge

Honey Festival Whiteville, NC

Farmland between Whiteville and Williams

Dinky little town Williams, NC

Lake Tabor, Tabor City, NC

Woo Hoo – North Carolina!

You don’t see many swing bridges anymore. They don’t lift up like regular draw bridges, they swing to the side to allow boats to go through. It would have been cool if a boat had been going through.

The road heading north was pretty. it was strewn with wild flowers and it weaved alongside the inter-coastal waterway.

I was overjoyed to see the NC state line sign! I made it! Part of me is glad I took the bicycle route because it was so pretty, but the other part wishes I had stayed on 17 because it would have been shorter.

The road twisted through the farm lands and look.. and airport on the side of the road. Population of only 616 in 2017, but they have an airport!

This morning I headed over to catch the ferry. I thought the ferry didn’t run on weekends for some reason, but it does. It was a whole lot easier to get on this ferry than it was the one out of Savannah! And it was a beautiful boat ride going across. I thought if I could get to a couple of the islands that it would be a great place to camp. There is a campground just south of where the ferry docks, but you do need a boat to get to it.

Kure Beach is a small little town with house after house after house. I had breakfast at a small diner at the pier and it looked like a storm was heading towards me, but it went out to sea instead.

Myrtle Beach

These are miscellaneous photos of the trip from Mt Pleasant to Myrtle Beach. It sure was a rainy rainy day. There was actually a tropical disturbance off right on the coast and that is what caused all the rain. The disturbance is in the North Atlantic at the moment and is forecast to possibly make a u-turn and come back inland, but its too early to tell.

The first 2 pictures are my bike before I made a custom cover for the front basket and rear rack. The black garbage bag I was using got a hole in it so I decided I would see if I could make a nicer looking cover. I got a shower curtain from the dollar store and cut it to size and attached velcro to it to keep it from flying away. I think it looks better 🙂 Plus I have enough left over that I can make it better when I have a few minutes and a place to work.

I added the extra flashing lights I found at Harbour Freight. They were on sale. I don’t think the police can say they can’t see me now!

The Denny’s picture. I started to treat myself to a decent breakfast because I’ve been in the mood for pancakes. When i got there they told me they didn’t open until 7. Liars… I REALLY REALLY don’t like liars! I sent a message to their corporate office and about a block and a half away I found the waffle house. Wow! what a difference. They were supper nice to me. I left an extra dollar in the tip.

The next 16 pictures are different views of the ride up Ocean Blvd. I still think I should get a hermit crab, lol

I lost my hoodie someplace along the way and at one store I found this purple one that looked like suit jacket. I ALMOST got it because it was only $8, but they didn’t have my size.

The next five pictures are North Myrtle Beach. I went down to the ocean to see what it looked like at sunset.

Now you are up to date with everything photo-wise.

Mount Pleasant

Pictures :

The spider is a jumping spider. I am not sure where he lives on the bike, but I couldn’t get him off.

I had needed a new tire for the front because the one I had was getting bald and Wal-mart was out. These guys at Trek Bicycle in Mt. Pleasant helped me out. They didn’t see the spider, so I’m not sure where he is.

Noah’s ark in the childrens playground. I found this park, but I think it belongs to the church next to it and they just open it to the public.

The gas station is called the Outpost and its kind of a novelty place. The food and drinks are about the same as any convenience store, but beware buy clothes… they were very expensive. Oh and they carry this tuff called Monkey Butt. They have one for men, one for women and one for children. I think its just a talcum powder, but its meant to help keep your underpants dry.

The rest are photos I took as I was leaving town

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