Testing, Testing

This is only a test

You will never succeed if you never try – Cynthia Forner

— Oscar Wilde.

This is a test to see if this will post on my regular site or not

LaBelle, FL

Yikes! No Brakes! I guess I never really noticed that the rear brake wasn’t working because I’ve been on flat land until I had to go over the bridge where all the roads intersect. Going down hill, I tend to use the rear brakes more than the front. I was very surprised when I had no rear brake. Good thing my front brakes were working.

There was a decent shoulder on the road up to the point the construction began. Fortunately, I was able to ride on the road being worked on. Actually it was pretty cool – I had the whole road to myself. I’m not exactly sure how far it went, but it was almost all the way into LaBelle.

LaBelle is a fairly small little town, with a population of almost 5,000. Its like it was trying to stay an old small town, but everything was being upgraded to be more modern. They had a couple of small parks, one with a pretty view of the river.

The trees were beautiful; many filled with ferns and air plants that were in bloom. I found a couple lying on the ground, so I decided to add them to my collection.

I am currently in Olga, FL. Its a bit smaller than LaBelle, but its a pretty area with horses and ranch land. There are a whole of river front properties and land for sale.

Its been pretty hot and sunny the last few days with the temp hovering around 87°. I must have looked pretty hot going into Olga because a lady that worked at this place called Leo’s French Toast House came out and gave me a huge container of ice and 2 cups of ice water.

Olga seems like a nice area, but I got here late yesterday and will need to look around. I can only say that the coffee and donuts I had this morning were pretty awful and not worth the price I paid. I found a nice looking branch to attach the air plant to, which I will do as soon as I go for a lunch break in a few minutes.

I am also deciding which route to take from here. There are several camping areas just north of Ft. Myers that look pretty decent, so I’m planning a route that will take me past them.

Its supposed to be in the 80’s and only partly sunny for the next week, so it should be a nice ride.

That’s all for now.

Today’s tidbit: Live by faith, not by sight.

Baby Nessie's?

I was taking a back road to try and get around all the construction and not really paying attention when I heard a very unusual noise. Kind of a pfft, huff, sigh. I had never heard such a noise before and started looking around. I saw them in the water, what the…? What in the world is that, its nose it too short for an alligator. I didn’t think iguanas could swim, not like that anyway. They were doing something like a breast stroke. Gathering my thoughts quickly I frantically tried to get my phone camera, but they had already passed by. I’m still not sure what they were, but it was still pretty cool.

Once I made it beyond the construction and started down the canal road, I stopped for a moment to take just two pictures. This is what my next 18 miles was going to look like.

But, I was tired from traveling through the construction and though its winter time, it was hot as the dickens. The road was hard to travel because the road was kind of wavy, the shoulder was at an angle and I was just plain tired. I was about 10 miles away from the city when it went dark.

I didn’t think darkness would be an issue because I had charged my headlight and the batteries in my tail light were still good. Little did I realize that my headlight would stop working. Not a problem, I have a spare headlight… lol, but I couldn’t find the batteries for it. (odd since I just stock piled on AA, AAA and D cells) I decided to hang my tent light on the side of the front to give me light towards the ground and use the flashlight for a head light.

I kept on going forward, but man did it seem like it took forever. My back was now hurting and I was getting even more tired. I kept thinking, look, green lights, I’m almost there. Then I started arguing with myself saying… you said that last time, lol.

Yes, I finally made it to Belle Glade; very late. I am spending the day here resting. The next couple of days should be a lot easier. The current temperature is 81°…. gotta love Florida winters! I can’t say too much, it should be getting chillier in the next couple of weeks.

Today’s tidbit: No one else may believe in you, but you need to believe in yourself. You can succeed.

Look! A Sunset!

Here are all the photos I promised. Not much going on, I’ve rested for an extra day and will be heading towards Belle Glade tomorrow morning.

Now how is that for a sunset? I was going across a canal when I saw the sun starting to set and thought ya’ll would enjoy it. I’m not on the coast yet, but I was able to get a sunset shot.

I also found this nice looking bicycle sitting all alone by itself, unlocked. It kept saying I’m nicer than your bike! Don’t worry I didn’t take it, I am definitely not a thief. But it sure was tempting.

Here are the photos of the plants on my trailer, they have grown a little bit since I hung them, but they do seem to be happy, even though it got very cold last night.

And finally the Iguana pics. I missed one of them as she zipped into her nesting hole on the side of the canal bank.

Today’s tidbit: One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

A song for everything

Songs can sound like your situation in life or your feelings and emotions. Those words can bring healing, and lift your spirits to a higher level. They can make you laugh and they can make you cry. They cannot bring back memories of the past and help your imagination soar to the future.

Music is wonderful!

There is a song called Free to be Me by Francesca Battistelli that says “Got a couple of dents in my fender, a couple rips in my jeans“. I think that was my 2019 theme song for the year with all the falls and accidents I had, then finally ending the year with a BANG… Literally.

I may be a little paranoid about crossing intersections at the moment, but I am doing very well.

Someone did the best they could to get my trailer fixed. Its a little warped and needs a new paint job now, but it is back together. I have also been given another bicycle.

I’ll decide later how I like the tires. They are supposed to be flat free with solid rubber instead of tubes. I just don’t know if it will feel the same, but tomorrow it gets its first run, going only 100 miles down to Ft. Lauderdale to get the rest of my stuff. Once I paint the trailer and repack, I will be going to the Gulf side of the state and will slowly make my way north, hoping to stay south of the cold weather.

I’ll keep you up to date as I go, but that’s all the updates for now.

Today’s tidbit: The waves of death engulfed me; the currents of chaos overwhelmed me. 2 Samuel 22:5

Chaos can muddle your thoughts and take over your thinking. Seek a place of peace to get your thoughts organized.

The good, the bad and the ugly…

I was heading down the street when this little lizard came out of no where and sat on top of my front basket case. He tried crawling up my arm, but it tickled too much so I found a tree to set him in.

That is the good. The ugly is so cute its not really ugly…

Not everyone thinks armadillos are cute, but I think they are adorable. I chased this little one away from the street so he wouldn’t get run over by a car. Which brings us to the bad.

This morning as I was headed to get something to take with me for lunch, I was crossing the intersection and a truck came through the intersection and hit me. It was too dark to take good photos but I will tell you that my bicycle and trailer are a total loss and everything in the trailer is getting soaking wet.

I need to go through everything, but my laptop has a crack on the corner of it. I will be backing up everything because the way its cracked, I am actually surprised it turned on to be able to type this up. I will see about backing up my data so its not a total loss too. I am stranded now so I will probably hike from here forward and get rid of everything that I can’t carry.

You say, at least I’m alive. I can honestly say only this. Satan has been trying to destroy me for years. This time he might have actually succeeded. I won’t be posting anymore. My mood is pretty crappy right now and I don’t want it rubbing off on anyone.

Thanks for letting me share everything up to this point, though I don’t think it was very beneficial to anyone.

That’s all

Today’s tidbit: Sometimes you need to take a break to rejuvenate. God took a day, so can you. And when you feel the whole world is against you, its time to step away from it and get refreshed.

Easy Ornaments

I love to make ornaments, especially when I need to save money.

If you buy a tree you can ask them for the branches and the bottom, but check to see if they have extras. There are lots of things you can make. The one thing that I’m not making this year is a garland, but that doesn’t stop me from making other stuff.

I collected tree bottoms and a couple of branches from the Christmas tree place. Cost was nothing but time.

Then I hit the dollar store. I bought some candles, ribbon, and other decorative stuff like flowers, berries and mini pine cones.

I sanded all the tree bottoms before starting. I really should make a video, lol… hindsight… anyway. Oh I also got a sheet of green felt from Walmart. I cut the felt to the size of the bottom I was working on, then glued it in place. I wrapped a branch around the edge of the bottom, tied it with some twine. Stuck flowers, berries and pine cones into the branch tied them with ribbon and glued a candle on top. All together it took less than an hour to make a couple of them.

Next, I decided to make some acorn wreaths. I used a ribbon holder center to align the acorns, and glued them together, then I glued a very small branch around the back. I also added ribbon and pine cone ornaments to them to make them different.

The kind of glue you use will determine how long they take to make. I tried stringing them(explains the holes), but they didn’t stay tight.

I make a wreath with the left over branch, flowers and pine cones.

And I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I also decided to try making a Christmas tree pine cone. I painted a few acorns (I’ll buy colored trinkets in the future, lol) and glued them to the pine cone. Everyone thought it was cute, but I’m still not sure I like how it came out.

I cut the bell, tear drop crosses and the stocking out of left over poplar scraps I had and I will be making a couple more of the hanging snowmen, but that is going to be it for now.

I will be leaving Ft. Pierce either this afternoon or in the morning and heading towards the west coast of Florida. Once there I will be heading north, but to be honest.. I am going to take my time. I do not like bone chilling cold weather! So much so, I almost decided to head down to the keys. OUCH! Forget that idea… $50 to set up a tent $55 if you want electric. I think I need enough money to buy some land and open my own campground.

It went down to 43 here last week, but now its back up into the 60’s at night 80’s during the day. Winter solstice is just around the corner and the coldest months are yet to come.

That’s about all.

Today’s tidbit: If you have to buy your way into a persons heart, your missing the point.

It's Beginning to Look a lot like….

Christmas! I love this time of year!

Being on a tight budget can put you in a bind on what to give people you care about. You want something special, but don’t want to break your bank. So I enjoy making things and try to get the most I can out of a dollar.

I started this year by telling Home Depot that if I can have some cut bottoms from the trees, that I will give them one of whatever I make as a thanks.

Trip 1 -6 bottoms from trees, twine, ribbon and black paint.

I made these a couple of years ago. They are simple to make and only cost me a dollar for the ribbon.

Sand the pieces to get any dirt or resin off and to soften the ridges from the chain saw. Drill holes to run the twine through, paint a face and some buttons, add ribbon and your done. You can add twigs for arms, a felt hat, a pipe or make a scarf rather than the bow.

I took the people at Home Depot one and started heading off down the road when my creative juices started to overflow. I headed back to the store, got some more bottoms and branches and headed to the Walmart and got some green felt, the Dollar Tree to get some miscellaneous decorations and candles, then headed to the park to start working on them.

The end result…

Not bad for a couple of dollars. I once again, sanded the tree bottoms, wrapped the tree branch around it and tied it with twine. I decided to add a little aluminium holder to catch wax. Stuck the extra decorations in and held them with the clip from the flower. Finally glued the candle on top. I also made an ornament from left over twigs and some ribbon- this one is for me!

A homeless man approached me when I was trying to figure out how to make an acorn wreath. He asked.. “what have you got there?” I said I was working on Christmas gifts. He asked me, “how much are they?” I said “they are gifts, meant to be freely given, not sold. I then asked if he would like one of them. I don’t know if he appreciated it or not, but he took one and went away.

Once I finished all those, I turned to my regular wood working. I cut some tear drop crosses and a bell and bow. I need to finish sanding the tear drop crosses, but I finished the bell.

I also worked on my bicycle seat now that the foam is dry. I found that I don’t need tacks or staples at all! Yes! The seat actually had bendable things holding the old cover on, so I unbent them and took the old cover off and replaced it with the new vinyl. I can honestly say it looks better than the grocery bags, but I am definitely not doing this as a career…. It has wrinkles.

Considering that the vinyl and foam only cost me about $2.50, I am happy. New seats cost $20 and seat covers cost $10-$15, so I saved a lot money and more importantly, I did it!

I have a few more ornaments to make, then I will be starting to head north, but will be going over to the west coast of Florida first. How far I will be going I don’t know yet because the coldest part of winter is yet to come. I might head down to Naples, but I’m not sure yet.

That’s all for now.

Today’s tidbit: Doing good for another will put a joy in your heart that nothing else can.

Camera Hog!

I think by now ya’ll know I love talking to animals, but this little guy was a camera hog… especially if you gave him a peanut. Lots of people don’t like squirrels, but I think they can be pretty cute.

I’ve been working on fixing little things on my bike this last week. For example, the seat; the vinyl has been cracking and coming off and part of the foam has broken away. It was really hard to find a small piece of foam so you know what I did?

I took a Nerf ball from the dollar store and cut it up and glued it to the seat.

I’ve also bought 1/2 yd of black vinyl from Walmart for almost $3.00 so I can re-cover the seat. I got some tacks to attach the vinyl to the seat, but they might be too long.

I have also started my Christmas projects. The projects may not make a 5 year old dance for joy, but the adults will like them. As soon as I finish them, I’ll post pictures.

And the last thing I am working on is replacing the rain covers on the bicycle. I found a felt backed table cloth that I think will work nice.

Finally, I saw some lights in the sky that peeked my curiosity. At first I thought they were just helicopters, but after 1/2 hour of not wavering at all, I began to wonder.

Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t take good night time shots and the lights only blurred when I tried to take photos. So now I am seeing UFO’s… I can’t wait to see whats next 🙂

I’ll be leaving Ft. Pierce as soon as I pick a place to go, but that’s all for now.

Today’s tidbit: You have the power in you to heal or destroy a person. It is your choice how you use it. Try reaching out to someone in need today. Give them a word of hope, a hug of encouragement, a simple smile to say hello. Don’t get upset at that person, but use the power of forgiveness to say you are there for them, if they need a friend.

(Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na) Batmaaaaaan!

I had taken this photo in Sebastian, the land of the never ending beautiful sunrises. When I went back to look at the photo I almost deleted it, but then it looked like an outline of something. Yep… there it is, it looks like the bat symbol.

Ok, that was my excitement for the day, but the sunrise was absolutely beautiful – even with stormy clouds on the horizon.

I had hoped to stay in Sebastian for another day because I needed to dry out. I really really don’t like wet socks in wet shoes, it makes your feet all wrinkly. I actually ended up getting blisters on my feet from walking in all that rain.

When they said that I wasn’t able to use the Wifi at the library because my card had expired and I had no solution, I decided to go ahead and head south. The interesting thing is that I made it to the library in Vero Beach (same library system) and the Wifi connection was fine. Go figure….

On my way south in Wabasso, I apparently just missed a S.W.A.T. bust. They were all standing around with a girl and a guy sitting on the back of the vehicle.

That’s about all the exciting things because its been mostly rain, rain and more rain. I’m only about 15 miles from Ft. Pierce, but its been looking like its going to rain again and I honestly don’t feel like getting wet again.

So I’ve decided to spend the morning in the Vero Beach library and if the skies clear enough, I’ll go ahead and head south.

Its supposed to get pretty chilly tonight (a low of 54-55). Being from South Florida, its freezing! Anything below 73 is freezing.

That’s all for now. I know its not much, but I can’t do or see much if its raining.

Todays Tidbit: There are days when it is hard to see things like Forrest Gump, life being like a box of chocolates. Days when it seems life if more like a pile of poop… some piles being bigger than others. Days when you need the right size shovel to clear your path to that box of chocolates!

oh goodness, I almost forgot!

Tidbit 2: Sometimes you don’t see the surprises unless you look up!

Lift Off!

I said I wasn’t going to take any more photos unless something interesting came about.

Little did I realize that the very morning I was passing one of the launch pads, they were sending another set of satellites into orbit. I got a REALLY bad video of it, plus a couple of snap shots. Here are some clips I pulled from the video.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of watching launches.

I was only 8 when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon, but it is an event that will stay with me forever.

I am staying in Cocoa for the day getting everything charged up and will be headed out tomorrow. Only 75 miles to get to Ft. Pierce.

That’s all for now.

Today’s Tidbit: Enjoy the surprises life has to offer

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