Bumpity, Bump, Bump Bump

Ouch! I really don’t like those little grooves on the side of the roads! I was on a road, riding downhill between the grooves and the grass when one of the trailer wheels caught on the grass and bounced a little bit into the grooves. Then it swerved back over to the grass, then back […]

Cotton Pick’n Time

Hemingway, 4 miles south of Johnsonville, was a fairly small town, but they had a few stores and restaurants. I only stayed long enough to get breakfast then headed off. I went through a lot of little towns down this road (hwy 261) The next little town was Stuckey. Stuckey was definitely not what I […]

Myrtle Beach

These are miscellaneous photos of the trip from Mt Pleasant to Myrtle Beach. It sure was a rainy rainy day. There was actually a tropical disturbance off right on the coast and that is what caused all the rain. The disturbance is in the North Atlantic at the moment and is forecast to possibly make […]

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