I was taking a back road to try and get around all the construction and not really paying attention when I heard a very unusual noise. Kind of a pfft, huff, sigh. I had never heard such a noise before and started looking around. I saw them in the water, what the…? What in the world is that, its nose it too short for an alligator. I didn’t think iguanas could swim, not like that anyway. They were doing something like a breast stroke. Gathering my thoughts quickly I frantically tried to get my phone camera, but they had already passed by. I’m still not sure what they were, but it was still pretty cool.

Once I made it beyond the construction and started down the canal road, I stopped for a moment to take just two pictures. This is what my next 18 miles was going to look like.

But, I was tired from traveling through the construction and though its winter time, it was hot as the dickens. The road was hard to travel because the road was kind of wavy, the shoulder was at an angle and I was just plain tired. I was about 10 miles away from the city when it went dark.

I didn’t think darkness would be an issue because I had charged my headlight and the batteries in my tail light were still good. Little did I realize that my headlight would stop working. Not a problem, I have a spare headlight… lol, but I couldn’t find the batteries for it. (odd since I just stock piled on AA, AAA and D cells) I decided to hang my tent light on the side of the front to give me light towards the ground and use the flashlight for a head light.

I kept on going forward, but man did it seem like it took forever. My back was now hurting and I was getting even more tired. I kept thinking, look, green lights, I’m almost there. Then I started arguing with myself saying… you said that last time, lol.

Yes, I finally made it to Belle Glade; very late. I am spending the day here resting. The next couple of days should be a lot easier. The current temperature is 81°…. gotta love Florida winters! I can’t say too much, it should be getting chillier in the next couple of weeks.

Today’s tidbit: No one else may believe in you, but you need to believe in yourself. You can succeed.

Published by Cynthia Forner

A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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