I was heading down the street when this little lizard came out of no where and sat on top of my front basket case. He tried crawling up my arm, but it tickled too much so I found a tree to set him in.

That is the good. The ugly is so cute its not really ugly…

Not everyone thinks armadillos are cute, but I think they are adorable. I chased this little one away from the street so he wouldn’t get run over by a car. Which brings us to the bad.

This morning as I was headed to get something to take with me for lunch, I was crossing the intersection and a truck came through the intersection and hit me. It was too dark to take good photos but I will tell you that my bicycle and trailer are a total loss and everything in the trailer is getting soaking wet.

I need to go through everything, but my laptop has a crack on the corner of it. I will be backing up everything because the way its cracked, I am actually surprised it turned on to be able to type this up. I will see about backing up my data so its not a total loss too. I am stranded now so I will probably hike from here forward and get rid of everything that I can’t carry.

You say, at least I’m alive. I can honestly say only this. Satan has been trying to destroy me for years. This time he might have actually succeeded. I won’t be posting anymore. My mood is pretty crappy right now and I don’t want it rubbing off on anyone.

Thanks for letting me share everything up to this point, though I don’t think it was very beneficial to anyone.

That’s all

Today’s tidbit: Sometimes you need to take a break to rejuvenate. God took a day, so can you. And when you feel the whole world is against you, its time to step away from it and get refreshed.

Published by Cynthia Forner

A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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