I love to make ornaments, especially when I need to save money.

If you buy a tree you can ask them for the branches and the bottom, but check to see if they have extras. There are lots of things you can make. The one thing that I’m not making this year is a garland, but that doesn’t stop me from making other stuff.

I collected tree bottoms and a couple of branches from the Christmas tree place. Cost was nothing but time.

Then I hit the dollar store. I bought some candles, ribbon, and other decorative stuff like flowers, berries and mini pine cones.

I sanded all the tree bottoms before starting. I really should make a video, lol… hindsight… anyway. Oh I also got a sheet of green felt from Walmart. I cut the felt to the size of the bottom I was working on, then glued it in place. I wrapped a branch around the edge of the bottom, tied it with some twine. Stuck flowers, berries and pine cones into the branch tied them with ribbon and glued a candle on top. All together it took less than an hour to make a couple of them.

Next, I decided to make some acorn wreaths. I used a ribbon holder center to align the acorns, and glued them together, then I glued a very small branch around the back. I also added ribbon and pine cone ornaments to them to make them different.

The kind of glue you use will determine how long they take to make. I tried stringing them(explains the holes), but they didn’t stay tight.

I make a wreath with the left over branch, flowers and pine cones.

And I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I also decided to try making a Christmas tree pine cone. I painted a few acorns (I’ll buy colored trinkets in the future, lol) and glued them to the pine cone. Everyone thought it was cute, but I’m still not sure I like how it came out.

I cut the bell, tear drop crosses and the stocking out of left over poplar scraps I had and I will be making a couple more of the hanging snowmen, but that is going to be it for now.

I will be leaving Ft. Pierce either this afternoon or in the morning and heading towards the west coast of Florida. Once there I will be heading north, but to be honest.. I am going to take my time. I do not like bone chilling cold weather! So much so, I almost decided to head down to the keys. OUCH! Forget that idea… $50 to set up a tent $55 if you want electric. I think I need enough money to buy some land and open my own campground.

It went down to 43 here last week, but now its back up into the 60’s at night 80’s during the day. Winter solstice is just around the corner and the coldest months are yet to come.

That’s about all.

Today’s tidbit: If you have to buy your way into a persons heart, your missing the point.

Published by Cynthia Forner

A simple child of God trying to make life easier for everyone to enjoy

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